I’ve lost my art of writing over time, but nothing is wrong with trying time and time again.

Without necessarily defining what resting is, let me make an attempt at refining it. Rest can be an art, but I highly doubt artists will find me sympathetic today. So, may I term it a science and impose the hazy definition on us all that — resting is not equal to laziness, although the later can mimic actual resting. Thus, while the characteristics of rest may include an afternoon nap, let laziness not be dressed up as mere resting. …

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She came here to redeem herself, to remind us that she sees beyond the whimsical to the real. She cares about family too. It’s not just about the money, although a lot of it has to do with that. But when she’s alone, she talks to angels — or to herself, who knows. Cousin;

I found myself thinking a lot about Julian Assange today. WikiLeaks — Julian, truth, who measures the amount of truthfulness? Is it a genuine love for the truth or the fame? What price is one willing to pay? That on Julian’s part can only be answered…

I started this meditation unintentionally, by thinking about ice. Then, rather inspired, I went to the Internet to look up quotes about ice — yes, like this one here:

There’s nothing pretty about ice. Ice grows nothing. But we’ve got this in our minds that we’ve got to make everything cold.

— Don Young

Or this one, which I found really interesting:

If ice can burn, then love and hate can mate. (yeah, quite cheesy)

— George R.R. Martin

Then, came the question: when ice forms on a relationship, is it worthy breaking it, every time?

Think about the first…


I was a little edgy towards the end of last month, a little more doubtful than I had been in a while. Surprisingly, I’d done a lot of things that I’d been wanting to do for a while. I felt confident, happy; and then I started taking a dive. It wasn’t exactly a downward trail, but more like getting unsure about the path I’d chosen.

For a person who deserted the idea of an expected route in life eons ago, I didn’t imagine I’d be at the crossroads again. I mean, it gets less frightening the moment you take the…

Bloodletting is the archaic practice of treating illness by removing some blood, believed to be tainted, from the stricken person. By extension, the diminishment of any resource with the hope that this will lead to a positive effect.

That’s the dictionary definition of bloodletting.

Society, more seriously, supports more life-harming practices than blood-letting for no real reason other than to justify its own preservation and continuation.

A few minutes before writing this, I was watching a Kung Fu movie — two fighters, a master and a trainee fight to near death for the pure purpose of outdoing one another. The…

A man had an old coat,

And oh he thought — what a rugged fluffy kinky coat

It never brought me any fortune, and t’s after all out of fashion

The man convinced what a useless coat he’d; threw it away,

Walked off and sure he’d find another, more classic, fashionable and

Capable of bearing him a fortune — waned into the distance,

Determined never to turn back;

He but missed his fluffy, kinky, homely coat,

But sure it was a useless coat never once regretted that he rid himself of it.

At night though, when he slept and was…

So, life’s a journey, we sought of have consensus on that.

But what kind of journey is it? Is it a long trek across the wilderness kind of journey, or a stroll across the hood kind? Is it a team safari or a lonely idle footwalk across grasslands? What kind of journey is life?

Is it a compulsory mandatory routine kind of travel or a “it doesn’t matter where we end" kind? Does it matter where we end, does it matter how we do this short, but weirdly short brief here? Does time even allow us to sit and ask…

I would like to submit to you that you and I answer to lesser gods, gods of our own creation.

No one has a battle against technology. It’s a good thing. Most issues then centre around the replacement theory. That we, souls, are begetting mind controllers. And these mind controllers are one click/press/tap at a time changing the very nature of being human.

Listening skills.

One-on-one communication.

Care skills.

Expressing feelings (the emoji challenge).

It seems since the invention of the television, man’s vision for himself has changed. It is a vision for self diminution — less of man’s true…

What is legal slavery anyway? Would there be a regime in the world today that legalises slavery, years if not centuries after the abolition? Is it a defended concept?

While reading for my bar exams, it suddenly dawned on me how many statutes there were for me to memorise on the workplace. Specifically, how many laws concern employment. It’s a volume — I still do not know each of them.

Last week while reading the Book of Daniel in the Bible, I became deeply troubled by a verse in Daniel 3:10. To quote Daniel 3:9–10:

They said to King Nebuchadnezzar…

I realise now that my biggest enemy is my mind — that’s my biggest critic. My life is limited by my thinking. I go as far as I can think.

No manner of hopelessness living, fearful foresight or mindless thinking habits have ever birthed anything positive, no less real change that’s meaningful and truly inspiring.

I’ve been thinking that all along circumstances and situations limit me. But they do not — I hear an eagle thrives in the storm. It is a beautiful thing, you know — to fear no evil or outcome because you trust in your capacity to…

Moh Ntinyari

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